Welcome to Peel Leadership Centre’s Annual Report for 2015-16!

The mission of Peel Leadership Centre is to cultivate, enhance and support leadership and capacity of the nonprofit sector in Peel.

Board Chair/ED Report

It has been a year of big change for Peel Leadership Centre (PLC). Our Director, Michelle Martinez, left the organization to pursue her passion for art. We want to thank Michelle for the wonderful work she did in getting Peel Leadership Centre to where it is today. Michelle helped us to move from a network of leaders to an incorporated nonprofit, developed and delivered our signature CLiC program and secured funding that not only helped to grow the sustainability of PLC but also that of a number of other Peel nonprofits too. We were delighted to recruit Lianne Picot to the position of Executive Director of PLC. Lianne brings a wealth of experience having been an Executive Director/CEO for many years in the UK and Canada, a human services practitioner and an entrepreneur, running her own story business.

With an increase in funding (thank you Region of Peel!), our team expanded to 3 and we needed to move into bigger space. Thank you to the United Way for their generosity in housing PLC for a number of years. We are excited to start a new chapter in the PLC story with new staff, an amazing consultant collective and a number of new Board members too. Our services have also expanded. We now offer support for nonprofits in the areas of succession, talent development, HR and strategy development. Our ED survey for 2015 provided great insights that are already helping us to create responsive services for senior leaders in the region.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us by participating in our programs, our research and our training. We very much look forward to seeing what the next year will bring for our small and very mighty organization!

Shari Lynn Ladanchuk, Board Chair

Lianne Picot, Executive Director

Highlights of 2015-16

  1. Undertook Executive Director Survey 2015
  2. New funding from Region of Peel for Strategy development pilot
  3. Director left the organization
  4. New Executive Director was recruited
  5. Team expanded to include a Learning Manager and Program Manager, Capacity Building
  6. Succession pilot finished – full evaluation took place. New offerings created.
  7. Moved into the Centre for Health and Safety Innovation
  8. HR on Call changed to HR Coach
  9. Became member of Peel Counts and Regional Diversity Roundtable

Executive Directory Survey 2015

In 2015, PLC undertook a new survey of Executive Directors in Peel. The full report can be found HERE.

Here are some of the key findings:


The ED Role – Experience, Structure and Challenges


Professional Development


Organizational Financial Health

budget increases

Working with the Board

board performance

Performance Management

Succession Planning

How We’ve Helped

Christine’s Story

Christine Cooper, Executive Director at FAME since 2004, had grown the organization from one site location to seven and had also more than doubled their operating budget. With Christine at the helm FAME was providing more and better supports to families living with mental illness. But she knew that the organization needed to establish a strong foundation within to ensure healthy growth. So when she saw that PLC was looking for pilot organizations to engage with their Leadership Succession Project, she said, ‘BINGO! We need that!’

The process required the time and dedication of Christine and her board but in the end, FAME’s Succession Plan strengthened the organization. She says, ‘the board had a whole new respect for me. They realized they had a really good resource in me.’ The project also impacted the staff team with a more direct focus on their leadership potential and professional development. ‘I have a duty to foster up and coming talent. I’m like Obi Wan! We have to give them opportunities to be leaders’, says Christine.

Clients are being served better, too. Christine adds that ‘at the end of the day if we’re strong, if the infrastructure is strong, the clients reap the rewards of our hard work. We’re a far more efficient, lean, mean machine.’


“It would have been difficult to focus on succession without the support we got from PLC. The unbiased input was essential – otherwise it could be slippery to navigate. The external guidance provided good info and discussion. On our own we might have gone sideways.”

Succession Project Participant – ED

“The wellness of the board is determined by its members. We had started on a matrix, but now it is more complete. The PLC Consultant helped us fill in the gaps.”

Succession Project Participant – Board Chair

“The Board has had a wake up call about how important it is to keep succession on the horizon whether it’s the ED leaving, retiring, getting sick.”

Succession Project Participant – ED

“Without PLC we would not have focused on succession to the extent that we are now. We were concerned, especially at the board level. The previous board was led by the ED; this one is more active and asks questions.”

Succession Project Participant – Board Chair

Coming Up in 2016/17

  1. PLC Strategy to be developed
  2. NEW Leadership Forum to be offered based on ED survey findings – TIME OUT
  3. New workshop series called ‘Leading from the Middle’ to be offered based on succession pilot findings – need for talent development at middle manager level
  4. Development of internal systems to strengthen PLC, including full evaluation framework
  5. Collaborative Leadership In Community (CLiC) program will be going online
  6. New Succession services will be offered based on evidence collected in pilot
  7. New social media/knowledge sharing strategy to be put into action
  8. New online resource and learning centre to be launched

How We’ve Helped

Annie’s Story

Annie Bynoe, Executive Director at Knight’s Table, has transformed the organization internally and externally. The Board of Directors has become an open board and more reflective of the community and Knight’s Table has evolved from a soup kitchen and food bank to a multi-service organization.

These changes didn’t come easily. Annie has been years without a vacation and knew the organization could benefit from some internal capacity building. So when Knight’s Table was approached by PLC to participate in the Succession Project, both Annie and the Board signed on with enthusiasm. ‘Succession planning was important because we value the work the organization does, and we have a responsibility to ensure the continuity of that work’, said Annie.

The impact was felt throughout the organization. The ED’s role was better understood by the board and a compensation package reflecting their appreciation for the work it takes was developed. Funding was secured for more staff, and clients received more attentive service as a result of a newly supported infrastructure.

Annie believes that when you give the gift of food, in return you’re given the gift of someone’s life story and the opportunity to help that person overcome life’s challenges. And when an organization is strong, it can better support people in need. Annie is now ready to take that long overdue vacation!

A Big Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone that contributed to PLC this year! They say it takes a village to grow a child and it’s no different for a successful nonprofit!

Board of Directors

Shari Lynn Ladanchuk – Board Chair
Mariam Hashmi – Vice Chair
Lloyd Noronha – Treasurer
Christy Upshall
Gerda Kaegi
Sharon Douglas
Teresa Greer
Yoliana Azer
Peggy O’Neil

Consultant Collective

Caryl Arundel
Elinor Humphries
Joan Roberts
Vanita Varma
Gina Vergilio

Staff Team

Michelle Martinez – Director (left February 2016)
Lianne Picot – Executive Director
Christina Sackeyfio – Program Manager, Capacity Building
Tina de los Santos – Learning Manager


Thank you to the Region of Peel for their generous support of Peel Leadership Centre and their commitment to capacity building in Peel!

Thank you to the United Way for their wonderful support in housing us!

Thank you to all of the EDs and organizations that have supported our pilot programs and taken part in our services!